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COVID-19 planning system changes and their impact on the historic environment. Conclusions

Photo Credit : MOLA

Late last year, CIfA and RTPI South East held a two-part online webinar that looked at the Government’s proposed COVID-19 planning system changes in the context of any impact on heritage assets and the wider historic environment. In Part 1, each panellist set out their interpretation of possible impacts on the historic environment if the Government’s planning system changes were enacted. In Part 2, the panellists debated the strategies and approaches needed to ensure protection of the historic environment, while supporting the overall goal of planning reform.

This paper summarises the presentations made by the webinar panellists, including Ethos Directors Scott Lawrie and Chris Wilford. The panellists conclusions and recommendations appear as a 10-point plan on page 7 and remain relevant in relation to the Government latest consultation.

“This was a great opportunity to collaborate with other consultants, planners and professionals who have strong views on planning reform and on heritage assets”. Scott Lawrie, Ethos Design & Architecture.

The full report is available in PDF here

RTPI South East - CIfA_COVID 19_planning
Download • 1.51MB

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